Music Hath Hams

Synopsis: In Harlem, Bud Peagler's "Barbecue Lunch and Poolroom" (the home of Brunswick Stew), also serves as the meeting place and hangout for many citizens and organizations such as 'The Sons and Daughters of The I Will Arise Society," and also Mosby's Blues Blowers. It is also where Roscoe Driggers hangs out. Roscoe claims to be the world's champion cornet player, although he can't play a note, even a sour one. But when the chance to earn $500 for playing his cornet at the big concert held by the "Over the River Burying Society" arises, Roscoe signs up.

Genre: Comedy Musical

Cast: Spencer Williams, Roberta Hyson and Harry Tracy


Director: Walter Graham

Writer: Octavus Roy Cohen

Year Released: 1929

Run Time: 21