Torpedo Boats New Orleans, Lou

Synopsis: United States Naval Photographic Center film #12120. National Archives description \"1) GV Men run down gangway & go aboard PT boat at end of dock. 2) LS-MS-Pan Motor torpedo boats pull away from dock at New Orleans, La SV. 3) GV 6 motor torpedo boats approach, bow-on view. 4) GV 6 motor torpedo boats underway making turns, etc. (good). 5) MS-CU-Pan 3 motor torpedo boats make turns to port (good). 6) GV 6 motor torpedo boats approach & pass at high speed. 7) MS-Pan Motor torpedo boat approaches & passes at high speed. 8) LS Motor torpedo boat underway laying smoke screen. 9) MS 5 torpedo boats appear through smoke screen. 10) MS-Pan Bow on view of motor torpedo boat making smoke (good). 11) MS Man fires 50 cal. machine gun aboard PT boat.

Genre: Boats Sports





Year Released: 1944

Run Time: