Dennis The Menace Chirstmas

Synopsis: It’s Christmas, and there is nothing more that Dennis (Jay North) wants from Santa than a horse. He receives a record player instead, but there’s nothing stopping him getting that horse! Along with his best friend, Tommy (Billy Booth), he sets out to find out where Santa’s delivered his horse to. They find that their friend, Johnny (Bill Hummer), has got a pony for Christmas and is willing to trade it for a type writer. Dennis manages to procure a typewriter from his “fiancée” Margaret (Jeannie Russel), but is made to trade back by the adults. Dennis is disappointed, but finds Mr. McGuire (Ernest Truex) who is willing to sell his horse to Dennis for nickel. However, Mr. McGuire also needs to rent out a horse to “eat all the weeds” and Dennis agrees to let Mr. McGuire keep the horse in his

Genre: Family Comedy





Year Released:

Run Time: 26min