Kid Dynamite

Synopsis: This January 1943 release brings the East Side Kids fully into the WWII vein on the home front without being over patronizing about it. Leo Gorcey is a liitle more hard headed here than in most of these films but he is the star and never let's you forget it. The Gang decimated by the draft and some enlistments by this time has a few new faces to fill in the gaps. Pamela Blake plays Gorcey's sister and love interest to Bobby Jordan. The story moves along at a fast and longer pace than most of the series entries with plenty of great character actors doing a turn or two (Wheeler Oakman, Minerva Urecal, Vince Barnett and many others as well including Kay Marvis as Gorcey's dance partner and real life wife as well. Gabe Dell top listed in the credits does little and goes to jail early in the pi

Genre: Comedy Sport

Cast: East Side Kids, Leo Gorcey, Huntz Hall, Bobby Jordan


Director: Wallace Fox


Year Released: 1943

Run Time: