Japan Surrenders WWII

Synopsis: National Archives and Records Administration - ARC 39075, LI 208-UN-168 - JAPAN SURRENDERS - DVD Copied by Thomas Gideon. Series: Motion Picture Films from "United News" Newsreels, compiled 1942 - 1945. Shows Japan's international activities, 1931-1945: troops embark for Manchuria; Shanghai lies in ruins (1937); Japans delegation leaves the League of Nations; war rages in China; Italian troops invade Ethiopia; Franco's troops guard Madrid; a party celebrates the Axis pact of 1940; Chinese refugees clog the streets; Pearl Harbor is attacked; remnants of the U.S. fleet assemble; the amphibious assault on Guadalcanal; Gen. MacArthur returns to the Philippines; Iwo Jima is attacked; Gen. Buckner watches Japanese surrender on Okinawa; kamikaze planes attack aircraft carriers; B-29's bomb Japan;

Genre: Documentary


Producer: National Archives and Records Administration



Year Released: 1945

Run Time: 11